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Harmony Ananda Yoga & Meditation

May Peace Prevail On Earth


Peace Poles
More than 100,000 peace poles are planted around the world
as international symbols of peace in more than 160 countries

Peace Poles are planted by friends and organizations in front of churches, schools, parks, restaurants, gardens, private homes and city halls

Peace message translations are available in over 46 languages

Join the worldwide Peace Pole Network
Plant a Peace Pole

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Rev. Frankie Timmers and her congregation
planting a peace pole at the Science of Mind Church in Morristown, NJ.
Ceremony was organized by Harmony Ananda, World Peace Prayer Society Representative.
Also present was Masami Kondo, Japanese WPPS Representative.

World Peace Prayer Society Representative, Harmony Ananda
and Phyllis Boyles with her 5th grade class from Bashaw Elementary School
display newly planted Peace Pole and flags of all countries.

The 800 students at Bashaw Elementary School, Bradenton, FL
bring friends, family & community together to promote global peace & harmony.
Each year they rededicate the Peace Pole & renew their hope for World Peace.

The Peace Pole displays the message "May Peace Prevail On Earth" in five languages;
English, Spanish, French & Sign Language, with Braille inscribed on a metal plate.

Pine View School for Gifted Children, Osprey, Florida.
Harmony Ananda taught a Yoga & Meditation class
and the students participated in a World Peace ceremony,
displaying flags from 164 countries.

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